Siloam Christian School

Serving Students, Partnered with Parents, Connected to Christ. Pre-registration is now open.


Pre-registration for the 2024-2025 school year has opened. Please click the button below to begin your pre-registration to secure your spot for the 2024-2025 school year.

The Light in the Darkness

The vision of FBC Siloam Springs is to provide our community with a Christ-centered, covenantal school that seeks to be a light in a dark world. Over the course of the last two years, FBC Siloam Springs has engaged the community, equipped the saints, and expanded its reach through facility upgrades, community events, staff additions, and numerical growth. Now, at this point in the life of our church body, it is time to grow into the space that the Lord has so graciously given us. The vision of launching Siloam Christian School points us towards stewarding our facilities the way He's asked us to.

School Vision

FBC Siloam Springs will launch a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview, covenantal school (grades K-3) in September 2024. This school will operate as a ministry of FBC Siloam Springs within the purview of the church's leadership structure.

DNA Of The School

What is Siloam Christian School all about? Learn more about the core DNA which will be the center focus for all enrolled students.

Biblical Worldview

Included and overarching all curriculum will be daily Biblical teaching with a focus on salvation, discipleship, and growth in their Christian walk and faith. This focus will be the core DNA of the school at FBC Siloam Springs.

Academic Rigor

While FBC Siloam Springs is welcoming to any and all who affirm and abide by our statement of faith, we also seek to be a place of high academic achievement and safety. Our teachers will be called to teach students who abide by the school's code of conduct. The quality of our education is a top priority. We will partner with parents to achieve this purpose.


Siloam Christian School will fully embrace technology, while also utilizing traditional "paper/pencil" methods. Students and teachers will utilize technology and students will be taught to use technology morally and ethically as a tool for success in their future. Registration will include a fee to cover the costs of associated technology for each student.


Students will be registered as homeschooled in the State of Arkansas and it will be the parent's responsibility to do so. This allows for Siloam Christian School to operate on a hybrid model and use curriculum that best suits the needs for achieving the goal and underlining vision of FBC Siloam Springs and Siloam Christian School.

What is a Covenantal School?

Siloam Christian School operates as a covenantal school. Parents and guardians will apply to meet with the head of school (and/or head of admissions) to affirm the school's vision and Biblical worldview - and to ensure the parent(s) affirm/attest the school and church's statement of faith/offered curriculum. Included in this partnership are scheduled parent nights through the school year, of which parents are expected to attend a portion. Our school seeks to partner with believing parents/guardians in raising up the next generation of Christians who have spiritually, socially, and emotionally healthy walks with Jesus.

How to Partner With Us

Please pray for our community, our launch committee, and our future students as well as future faculty. We would also invite you to follow our page on Facebook for real-time updates.